of the heart: moving towards a heart-centered world (poem)

and when they say we are moving towards a heart-centered world … first, there will be pain. pain, as all that is not heart-centered is revealed and stripped away. there will be the pain of not knowing how such ruthlessness could have existed for so long, the pain of being left in the dark and […]

Wild Woman: Come home to the wisdom within (poem)

Wild She trudged through the dirtFeet bare against the earthWith a warm, soft breezeCaressing her cheeks.Coming home to yourself is messy,She thought;She feltVolcanic eruptions of emotionBirthing a clarityShe’d been seeking all her life.Sometimes she’d strayedA bit too far onto the path,Mistaking her lifeFor that of someone else +The rocks stung her toesUntil she remembered. She […]

Stamina, uncertainty, and how to find your joy again

Stamina. I think that is my word for this season of life we are moving through at the moment, this season of uncertainty and challenge and change. I’ve found myself saying ‘the most’ and ‘the longest’ quite frequently of late. “This is the longest I’ve stayed in one place, the longest I haven’t traveled.” “This […]

On breathing through indecision + finding your way back home

An exploration on indecision and intuition, this piece is a 5-minute read. There are no right or wrong answers, only the path you choose. Lately, I have been plagued by indecision. This is not an uncommon experience for me – I’ve spent many hours and days in my life fretting over what I should do […]

New year, new you? How to rethink intentions in 2021

Which one are you: New year, new you?New year, same you?New year, same you with slight modifications on the previous years’ model? As I’m writing these words, I have to smile a bit. I think there are so many tropes when it comes to the new year, so many ways of thinking about this blank […]