Tenderness, a revolution: a poem about love

To love is an incredibly revolutionary act.

When we think of love, we often think of it as soft, and in our world, ‘soft’ has become synonymous with ‘incompetent.’ We hate on the soft spaces of our bodies, we value grit and resiliency above all else, and we ask men if they’ve ‘gone soft’ on us as if it’s a bad thing.

Love is soft. It’s incredibly tender and vulnerable – but that does not mean it’s not strong.

In a world of sharp edges, to remain soft is one of the strongest in the world.

And what do I need to feel safe inside my softness? I ask myself this question and already I know, the answer is beyond myself.

The energy of protection is divine.

We’ve forgotten we don’t have to do it all, we don’t have to do it all alone.

And Love asks that we remember – we remember what it is to hold hands as we walk down the path, to create in harmony and humbly bow our heads to the greatness within one another.

To the greatness within ourselves.

Love asks that we remember what it feels like to live in communion with the earth, to treat all living beings as sacred and honour our bodies, honour our worth.

Love may be gentle but she is strong, a warrior of light in the midst of the darkest spaces. She will courageously go where cowardice would not follow, and her time has come.

A new world is being born.

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