of the heart: moving towards a heart-centered world (poem)

and when they say we are moving towards a heart-centered world … first, there will be pain. pain, as all that is not heart-centered is revealed and stripped away. there will be the pain of not knowing how such ruthlessness could have existed for so long, the pain of being left in the dark and […]

on belonging, course-correcting + being who you are

Some reflections on what it means to be yourself in a noisy world. This is a 6-minute read. Who am I, really? And when did I start feeling so disconnected from my core? I ask myself these questions so much right now. Whoever thought becoming yourself is a linear journey or one that happens as […]

This week, balance your ‘doing’ with being still

This is the astrological update for the week of November 30, 2020. A four-minute read. This week, fire abounds On Tuesday, December welcomes us in from the icy intensity of November with the warm, orangey glow of a campfire crackling in the night. No matter how isolated we may feel this holiday season, there is […]

Zoom out this week to take in a broader perspective

This is the astrological update for the week of November 23, 2020. A 4-minute read. Welcome to Sagittarius season When the sun steps into fiery Sagittarius, everything begins to feel bigger, brighter, more lighthearted and fun! After the intensity of the last few months, especially this past Scorpio season, this new energy is a welcome […]

This week, look for your answers within + dare to hope

This is the astrological update for the week of November 16, 2020. A 3-minute read. We begin this week with internal tension and indecision The energy of this week is a light, watery blue in colour, one that is inoffensive but refuses to go where you want it to. Neither here nor there, it feels […]

This week, embody your courage as Mars goes direct

Astrological insights for the week of November 9, 2020. This is a 5-minute read. Empower yourself by focusing on the things you can control This week begins with the high-pitched hum of a kettle about to reach boiling point. As the tension continues to rise and crescendo, the collective anxiety continues to do so as […]

Find calm amidst the chaos as Mercury goes direct this week

This Tuesday, Mercury goes direct in harmonious Libra After a long retrograde that began in Scorpio on October 13 and continued into Libra last week, the planet that rules our mind is finally going direct on Tuesday. After weeks of things not quite going according to plan and some challenges in the realm of communication, […]