This week, look for your answers within + dare to hope

This is the astrological update for the week of November 16, 2020. A 3-minute read.

We begin this week with internal tension and indecision

The energy of this week is a light, watery blue in colour, one that is inoffensive but refuses to go where you want it to. Neither here nor there, it feels as though we are in an in between space of lingering – you may feel some discomfort or tension within yourself, and the fatigue of making decisions while not knowing what to expect amidst the uncertainty of this year. This is perfectly normal. You are not alone in feeling any of this, and it’s perfectly okay to lean into whatever is coming up.

We have multiple squares going on throughout this week, first among the cardinal signs, then among the fixed signs just before the weekend. The cardinal square between Mars in Aries, Venus in Libra, and the stellium of heavy-hitters Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn makes for a confrontational energy, one of leaders butting heads, while the fixed T-square between the Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus locks in and doesn’t want to move. And so, you may feel a bit stuck, unsure where to turn to next.

Mars just went direct after its two-month retrograde through its home sign, Aries, which typically brings a burst of new energy after a phase of slowed progress and resistance. It may just take a little bit for this energy to kick in, as we remain in Mars’ retrograde shadow until January 2. Don’t be too hard on yourself for any inertia that challenges your attempts to get moving again. Instead, ask why it’s happening and get curious.

This is a good week for some self-inquiry: what are you running away from? Is it your emotions, a sense of grief, dissatisfaction in some area of your life, or the call to step into your power and truly own your gifts in the world? What do you feel is stopping you? What old habits, things, or ways of being are you clinging to for fear of who you might be once you let them go? What kind of a world do you want to help create moving forwards?

As we have our final few days of deep diving through Scorpio’s waters, it’s a good time to review and hold space for one last round of letting go before we step into the celebratory light that Sagittarius season brings every year. Review what you’ve learned so that you may take those lessons with you into the new adventures that are about to unfold.

Venus slides out of loving Libra into seductive Scorpio

On Saturday, Venus, the plant of love, romance, and currency, will shift from its home sign in Libra to seductive Scorpio for the next three weeks. This transit will bring a spicy flavor to our love lives and relationships, mixing things up and inviting us to explore our shadow a little more.

After months of living in close quarters (or at a great distance) from those you love, you may be feeling your patience is starting to wane. The low road of Scorpio can be short-tempered, displayed as snapping, lashing out, or pulling away when things don’t go the way they want, and refusing to speak up when they feel hurt by someone’s actions. Instead, use this period to go deeper into your relationships – Scorpio energy, as the healer, can be utilised to shine a light into the furthest corners of everything it touches. It’s time to look at what you’ve been avoiding.

To use this time wisely, find new ways to be intimate, both with yourself and with others, and get vulnerable so you can be open about what you are actually feeling. This is a chance to have those deep, sometimes uncomfortable conversations we shy away from and build a stronger foundation for our relationships for the long run.

Venus is in fall in the sign of Scorpio, which means this is the placement the planet of love is least comfortable residing in. Be conscious of how you’re interacting and be sure you’re not keeping secrets from the ones you hold most dear, or you may find yourself pushing them away without intending to. Remember, the choice is always up to you.

Celebratory vibes are welcome as Sagittarius season begins

On Sunday, the Sun moves into open-minded, expansive Sagittarius, providing a much-needed break from the intensity this year’s Scorpio season held. The sign of the philosopher, Sagittarius happens to be the luckiest sign of the zodiac; as it is ruled by Jupiter, it expands on whatever it touches and reminds us life is much bigger than our small piece of the pie. Zoom out (no pun intended) to take a look at other times in history when humanity has worked together to overcome great challenges and you’ll see just how resilient + capable we are when we put our minds to something and just start.

We will see the energies begin to lighten as we step into the final month leading up to December 21 and the great renewal that day holds. Truth will be in the limelight, offering a space for many revelations about our lives and our world at large. We may feel more clarity than we have in a long time, and we’ll likely feel inspired to go exploring or learn something new. You don’t have to go far to do so! A good book can be just the getaway you need, no airplanes required.

Allow yourself to get into the holiday spirit and start celebrating this Sunday! You don’t need any particular reason to invite more joy and gratitude into your life – just celebrate the strength that has brought you through this year, and the hope of brighter times to come.

Some may say it’s foolish to have hope in a world where so much apparently needs fixing. I disagree. I think hope is necessary. We have hope not to deny our current reality and the work we need to do to get where we want to go, but rather to hold firm in stubborn optimism that we can make a change. Hope can inspire us to take action. It reminds us to dream.

Be rebellious. Have your hope and bring a little more sunshine to the world. We need it now, more than ever.

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