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Stamina, uncertainty, and how to find your joy again

Stamina. I think that is my word for this season of life we are moving through at the moment, this season of uncertainty and challenge and change. I’ve found myself saying ‘the most’ and ‘the longest’ quite frequently of late. “This is the longest I’ve stayed in one place, the longest I haven’t traveled.” “This […]

On breathing through indecision + finding your way back home

An exploration on indecision and intuition, this piece is a 5-minute read. There are no right or wrong answers, only the path you choose. Lately, I have been plagued by indecision. This is not an uncommon experience for me – I’ve spent many hours and days in my life fretting over what I should do […]

on belonging, course-correcting + being who you are

Some reflections on what it means to be yourself in a noisy world. This is a 6-minute read. Who am I, really? And when did I start feeling so disconnected from my core? I ask myself these questions so much right now. Whoever thought becoming yourself is a linear journey or one that happens as […]

some messy processing

I’ve been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately: collective forgiveness, forgiveness of others, forgiveness of the self. What does it mean to forgive, truly? How do we forgive? They say forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, but sometimes it feels so hard to access. I haven’t quite figured out how to open it, how to get down past the wrapping paper to the deepest layers of myself.