Find calm amidst the chaos as Mercury goes direct this week

This Tuesday, Mercury goes direct in harmonious Libra

After a long retrograde that began in Scorpio on October 13 and continued into Libra last week, the planet that rules our mind is finally going direct on Tuesday. After weeks of things not quite going according to plan and some challenges in the realm of communication, things will begin to clear up again so we may move forwards with a little more ease.

These last few weeks have given us the opportunity to look back at where we’ve come from; we may have had memories or trauma resurface with the opportunity to clear them. As Mercury goes direct this week, the time has come for us to look forwards to what we want to create, so that we may get clear on what steps we will need to take in order to get there. How do you want to feel going into to 2021? See if there is are any lingering patterns or relationships that need to be released in order for you to fully embody a new way of being. Since the last two months of 2020 will be very supportive of clearing out the old to make way for the new, we can harness this energy to let go with more ease than we may expect.

Side note: if you’re experiencing a sense of fatigue around letting go, it’s okay to stop for a bit and remain where you are. You don’t have to experience and feel everything all at once – sometimes enough is enough, and it’s time for us just to be human. Trust the cyclical nature of your process, that you will know when it’s time to step into that inner work once again and you will have the courage to do so. If you continue to listen to your inner needs, you will know.

Reflect, observe, plan, and prepare for action

With Mercury going direct, we can use this week to reflect on the lessons this retrograde season has brought us – not only in the realm of our mental processes, but also in the areas of our transformation, our expansion, our career and love life. This year has been full of a series of powerful retrogrades. What patterns did you see + choose to release? How will you engage with your relationships differently? Take a moment to integrate these new truths so that they may support you moving forwards.

This week is a time to get clear, to plan, to prepare and communicate, but not to take action. Not just yet. Through the month of November, there will be a lot of external chaos and instability in the world as the old continues to unravel and we begin to reach a bit of a fever pitch with the energy on the planet. In order to stay grounded, it becomes that much more important that we prioritize the (simple) things that bring us back to ourselves: journaling, meditation, walks in nature, mindful movement, and conversations with dear friends or loved ones can all be useful tools in this time.

Even as you begin to look towards a new future, keep your dreams and visions close to yourself for the time being. Be conscious who you share these ideas with – choose people who you feel will love and support you unconditionally through the process of bringing these things to fruition. If you want to create something, the world almost certainly needs it, but not everyone will see that just yet.

Fear and emotional debris are flying around a lot right now, so many people are living in a state of heightened anxiety and will likely be reluctant to believe that things can be any different than how they are. The most loving thing we can do in this time is hold a vibration of peace within ourselves and allow others to have their experience.

November presents a state of constant intensity

In contrast to October’s energetic roller coaster and those waves of orange and bright red light that led to intense inner turmoil, November will be a deep red in its frequency, with a steady powerful hum laced beneath the noise the old is making as it dies.

This tone reminds me of a sound healing, like Tibetan chanting or a frequency meant to elevate our energy. It’s as if the earth herself is yawning, waking up from a deep slumber and actively joining us in the fight for her life. All that has been rising beneath the surface will be brought into daylight with this sound, light being shone into the shadowy corners to reveal the truths we’ve been avoiding. If we look at things from a 3D perspective, it will appear to be getting more chaotic, but know this is just par for the course. We are on the right track.

This month will bring a new wave of people waking up on the planet, so those of us who have been on this spiritual journey for a longer period of time will be called to have a little more patience + compassion for those around us. Remember what it was like when you began your own journey – it was likely you experienced a lot of discomfort and confusion as your view of the world began to change.

We are all at different stages of awakening, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just know you are not being asked to do anything other than continue on your own path and follow your own inner guidance. We cannot rush others to join us where we are, and simultaneously, we do not have to slow our progress to match those around us. It’s a practice of once again letting go of control, approaching life with a little more understanding. Continue to ask, ‘what is my truth?’ as it is likely that it will be different from those around you, and that is okay. Multiple perspectives are allowed to exist at one time.

An antidote to the chaos

There are many things, many practices we can instill in our days to anchor us into the vibration of peace even as things continue to unravel around us. The most important thing is that you choose one (or two, or three etc.) and you do them. Simple is often the best.

We need to continue to ground into and be present in our bodies. With all the chaotic energy, it can be easy for us to want to detach in order to avoid pain or confusion. In the long run, however, this avoidance of what is will only cause more anxiety. When we check out of our bodies or don’t take up the space that is ours to inhabit (our bodies etc.) lower vibrational energetic debris tends to latch on to those empty spaces and get stuck there. This can be draining.

As we feel the deep, purging intonation thrumming beneath the chaos of November, we may be called to purge within ourselves. This month is very linked to our throat chakra, to using our voices and speaking our truth with kindness. If you feel a heaviness in your chest, allow yourself to make noise and let it all out through your open mouth, however unpretty it may sound. I like to do this in the shower or by screaming into a pillow. If you’re by the ocean, you may feel called to go to the water and voice your frustrations. Whatever it is that needs to come out, just know the voice is a powerful way to do so, especially right now.

Fire and ice may bring the drama this weekend with the last quarter moon

On Saturday, the moon shifts into the fiery sign of Leo – this last quarter moon is an opportunity to reassess and let go of those last few things that haven’t been working before we have the beginning of a new cycle with the new moon.

With the sun in Scorpio and moon in Leo, we may find ourselves feeling a little more heated than normal. This combination has a flair for the dramatic, and is stubborn as all hell with a very strong will. If you find yourself in any tense situations, just take a moment to step back and take a deep breath before you react with by saying something you might later regret. Use that observational energy we’ve been cultivating all throughout this year to your advantage and remember, you can choose to see the big picture when you’re making any decisions that may have further reaching consequences beyond the present moment.

As fire and ice light up the sky, take heart and have courage. This year has been a lot; you are so strong, and you are doing so well, whatever it is you are going through.

Remember, my love: even in the spaces you feel most lonely, you are never alone.