sacred simplicity: a healing in words (poem)

This week, I’ve been exploring the energy of the sacred and what it means to integrate that energy into our everyday lives. I think it’s so much simpler than we often make it out to be – here are some of my explorations on the topic.

May these words allow you to see the sacred in the simplest of things and inspire you to invite a little more intentionality into your day to day life.


the sacred lives
in simple spaces
in simple moments +
simple faces

the sacred lives
is right where you are
found in who you’ve always been
from the start (and)
who you will be
when you remember

sacred is
an everyday occurrence
we overcomplicate it
with all our rules + rituals
the layers that make us forget
the true meaning of what it is
to walk in reverence for
the gift of life

sacred is simple
sacred is right here,
with you and me
within the heartbeat
we breathe + share

sacred lives in presence
so in choosing to be every bit
where you are, you can make
any moment sacred

just like that


how do you
appreciate where you are
while dreaming of all
you can be?

this is a question
I ask myself
again and
again and

I often find
the answer lies
in the body

in simple presence
in waking up to
follow through
with those small steps
every day

the dreaming part comes
in the spaces between the doing
the spaces where we breathe and
feel and wander beyond what is
right in front of us to see
what was there all along

our dreams usually aren’t so far away
as we imagine they are and
we were given our dreams
for a reason so know that
help is available to you
whenever you ask


breathe in deep
let it go
slow it down
lean in slow

you know
you are worth every ounce
of this moment and
this life is yours to live

so go live it

An original poem by Maia Thom.

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