This week, get intentional + hold space for peace

Astrological insights for the week of October 26, 2020. This is a 4-minute read.

On Tuesday, Mercury glides backward into Libra

For the final week of its last retrograde of this year, Mercury, the planet of communication, slides back into harmonious Libra, airing out some dirty laundry and seeking to keep the peace as much as it can. While this transit may bring a little reprieve from the depths of Scorpio’s waters that we’ve been experiencing for the past four weeks, it also brings back the fiery cardinal T-square we saw for a better part of the month.

Justice and fairness for all come into the spotlight this week – you may become more aware of the many injustices currently unraveling in our world, or you may see all the places where you feel people have wronged you in the past. When this happens, ask yourself what wound is being triggered by the sense of misunderstanding, disrespect, or censorship. Often times, when we have the inclination to get loud about something, there is a trigger from a wound deep within. This week gives us the opportunity to heal some of those spaces by choosing to respond rather than react, but we can only do this from a space of self-reflection. Slow it down.

Before you point any fingers at world leaders or people within your own life, be sure to look within. Libra energy can be righteous if left unchecked. On the contrary, we can use this energy to be the observer of our thoughts and our collective situation and choose to move forwards from an informed place.

Rather than playing the blame game, see what productive action you can take. If you feel helpless within the chaos of the world, what is one thing you can do to help? Whether it’s donating five dollars, writing a letter to a relative who is living alone, or adding your voice to a petition for a cause you believe in, these little things add up. Change begins within, and it begins with the individual – we are far more powerful than we think.

Chaotic energy calls for intentionality

The energy this week is a swirling kaleidoscope of colours, with the intensity ramping up towards the end of the week. While October has come in fluctuations, waves of bright red and orange intensity, November will be more constant in its strength, a deep maroon calling for truth and action.

Get honest with yourself to be honest with others – where have you been avoiding confrontation or letting mistruths slide? Now is the time to bring these pieces into the open before Mercury goes direct on November 3.

Much of the turmoil during the month of October occurred within our internal worlds, stirring up emotions, past traumas and demons hidden within. In November, we may see things burst to the surface to be aired out in the open. We’ll be seeing with more clarity, with more clearly defined narratives and fewer mixed signals, but the truth may be painful and shocking, and the allure of fear will be strong.

We hide in fear in an attempt to protect ourselves, when in reality all this does is create a vortex of anxiety and inaction. We need to get intentional about the energy we are holding in our bodies, in our space. Not to admonish ourselves but rather, to take note of where we’re at and, if we don’t like it, make a conscious decision to shift it. It’s as simple as that. Take one little step, or ask for help if you need it. As we head towards December 21 and all the opportunity that day holds, it becomes more important than ever that we dig in our heals and don’t give up.

Take up your space

Ground yourself in your body by finding ways to move every day. Dance, go for a walk or a run, take a martial arts class online or do some push ups. With the weather growing colder in the northern hemisphere, it may be our inclination to go into hibernation, shying away from movement in favour of cozy blankets and movie nights. While there is nothing wrong with those things, right now we need to physically move to transform all the excess energy flying around and usher it out through the body.

When we’re in fear, we have a habit of shrinking in order to take up less space, both in our physical form and on an energetic level. This allows more lower vibrational energy to latch on to us and take up that space instead. Exercise tangibly reminds us of our courage, stoking the fire within and encouraging us to take up our spaceall of it.

In order to invite more calm into our lives, we can then balance that movement with stillness. “Meditation” can consist of many things – sometimes as it’s as simple as sitting in silence or doing one thing with complete presence and intention. Even just taking ten minutes to stare out the window and drink a warm cup of tea is a form of meditation, should you choose to make it so. When we hold more space for peace on an individual level, the effect begins to ripple out into the collective and make more space for that same vibration on a larger scale. Again, small things add up. Never doubt the value of the simplest things.

Once in a blue moon, a second full moon

The week culminates in the second full moon this month, with the sun being in Scorpio opposite the moon in Taurus on Saturday. This day also happens to be Halloween – it seems 2020 never fails to exceed our expectations and be a little extra. It’s alright though; while we may be restricted in our ability to party, we can still rise to the occasion in our own way.

This full moon highlights the conversation of physical pleasure, what it means to be a spirit in physical form experiencing the world. It invites us to celebrate the joys of being in a body! Delicious food and sensory experiences, physical touch and sensuality. Don’t shy away from that chocolate now, take this opportunity to indulge and enjoy yourself, whatever that looks like for you.

You may also take this moment to send some loving vibes to the earth and show her some appreciation. For the earth sign Taurus, nature is a priority. This sign believes we must be stewards of this planet and take care of our home as much as she takes care of us.

On Sunday, take some time to reflect on where you’ve come from and honour your ancestors for the world they began building. Ancestry lines may hold a lot of pain and trauma, but they hold just as much strength. Many ancient traditions hold wisdom that we’ve drifted away from, wisdom we need in order to move forwards in a more sustainable way. When we know where we’ve come from, we may more clearly see where we’re going. What kind of future do we want to leave for our children? Now is the time to take action.

A tsunami of change is possible when we choose action over apathy and engage.

As you move through this week, remember you’re not alone – as overwhelming as things may feel at times, we are only growing stronger through the chaos. We always, always, always have the power to choose how we see things, how we respond.

And on the nights when it all feels like too much to bear, allow the moon to hold space for your hope.

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  1. Farah Asif

    I loved this so much Maia, and feeling those Taurus vibes within me. I ate some chocolate yesterday and today went for a long walk with friends in nature enjoying every bit of Fall and so much love for Mother Earth for sure. She’s amazing. I love what you said about our ancestors and ancestral lineage. I never understood how important it is until this year. Thank you for some powerful words and sage advice about that.

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