this week, find freedom in your mind

This week’s astrological forecast, September 21 2020. A 4-minute read.

The energy of the subconscious, in the spotlight

Themes of the subconscious become important this week as we prepare for two transits that invite us to dive a little deeper within ourselves. On Sunday, September 27, Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication, slid into intense, provocative Scorpio, where it will weave its way through until December 1. During its stay, it will retrograde from October 13 to November 3, so now is the time to clear out those mental cobwebs that may have accumulated through the stress of 2020.

This sign has an affinity for being the detective or psychologist of the zodiac, for speaking to the unspeakable and seeing straight through our shadows. This energy becomes amplified as Pluto, the dwarf planet that rules Scorpio and also happens to focus on the subterranean regions of our mind, is making its way out of its annual retrograde on Sunday, October 4. Whenever a slow-moving planet changes direction, its themes may intensify for the days on either side.

Speaking to secrets, transformation and power, Pluto is direct and intense in its action. In preparation for this transit, we may want to review anything that has been lingering in the back of our minds that we haven’t been paying attention to. Step back and gain some objectivity when looking at your career, relationships and personal life. Pluto going direct may reveal secrets or hidden untruths – do your best to have honest conversations with loved ones and clear the air to avoid blow outs or chaos in the coming weeks. Remember that to do so, we must first be honest with ourselves. Lean into the depths of the mind to find clarity to see where you must speak your truth or voice what you are feeling.

Finding freedom in the things we can control

On Tuesday, Saturn comes out of its retrograde in practical Capricorn, where it has been since the spring. We may see an increase in rules or restrictions, or simply find ourselves feeling a fatigue with anyone regulating our personal freedom. Regardless of what is happening in the external world, we are always free to explore and expand by going within. You may choose to learn something new, watch a travel show (I’ve been enjoying Down to Earth with Zac Efron) or meditate and contemplate the deeper things in life. Don’t shy away from depth or transformation in this time, both on a personal level and collectively – what we resist, persists. That saying exists for a reason.

This week is also a good time to get very clear on what you want to create moving forwards in your life – Saturn rules career and the physical manifestation of our goals, so these things may begin to move more quickly again as the planet moves out of retrograde. Any projects that stagnated in the spring may find new fuel or renewed inspiration. Make sure you are clear on your emotions, otherwise you may be creating more of what you don’t want rather than what you do. We are so much more powerful than we sometimes believe; we always have the power to choose how we respond to a given situation and where we place our attention. A little goes a long way – take note of the thoughts that wander through your mind and choose where you redirect them.

Emotional turbulence, highs and lows

In contrast to last weeks’ soft, peachy energy, the vibration of this week is a bright, strong orange that invites us to sit up and take notice. We may be experiencing heightened emotional spikes, feeling happy, then sad, then angry … I know, not a surprise for 2020, but just give yourself a little extra space to feel all the feels. Allow these emotions to move through the body as opposed to getting stuck on any one feeling in particular. Notice when you are in a highly charged emotional state and choose to wait before making any decisions.

In arguments with loved ones, remember you are on the same team, standing beside each other to face the challenge as opposed to facing off as enemies. A practical way to do this is to literally stand side by side if you can, or to go for a walk as you hash things out. This reminds you that you are moving in the same direction, towards the same goal.

Monday and Tuesday may see a stronger fiery energy than the rest of the week, with a trine between impulsive Mars in Aries and flashy Venus in Leo. To add to the intensity on Tuesday, Mars still in retrograde squares off with Saturn in Capricorn, bringing up the conflict of our personal power versus that of any authority figure in our lives. If you are a parent to a teenager or older child, this dynamic may be especially notable within the home. Call on your inner nurturer to help you through and tap into the loving energy of Cancer, the healing water sign of the mom.

Now is also a good time to SHAKE IT OUT! I’ve found a simple shaking mediation is one of the best ways to let out any excess energy – simply put on some music, place your feet hip width distance apart and bounce lightly from the knees for a minimum of ten minutes, allowing the shaking motion to radiate up through the entire body and clear out what is stuck. After a period of time, the shaking will become automatic. I usually like to open my mouth and let my voice go, freeing the throat chakra as well. If you’re looking for some good tunes to get you started, here are some of my favourites.

On Thursday, the Libra / Aries full moon invites us to celebrate our relationships

This is a strong, multiple planet opposition we have going on, shining a light on the dialogue of our relationship to ourselves verses our relationship to those we love. This combination is passionate, deeply loving and personal; a true crusader for equality, it reminds us that change begins within the home. Shift your internal state and watch the world around you begin to change. How can you invite more love, honesty, and compassion into your communication every day?

This is a beautiful time to celebrate and reflect on your relationships. Journal, record voice notes to yourself or engage in an intimate conversation on these questions:

What have you learned about yourself + the people in your life through quarantine?

What do you cherish more now than you did before? Where have your relationships gotten stronger? And where do they need a little more attention?

Whom do you need to forgive and let go of?

Where do you need to forgive yourself?

Who are you most grateful for? How can you show it?

What will you prioritize moving forwards?

This full moon invites us to wake up: to show gratitude for the ones we love, to see the spaces where cracks may have appeared in our tender hearts and acknowledge where it is time to let go.

Love is the light of our lives. Are you willing to lean in a little more?

If you’re looking for more tools and mantras to help you in this time, you may like my short collection, Just Breathe: Eleven Mantras + Tools for Heart Healing. You can find the e-book on Kindle, Kobo or Apple Books for $2.99. Find out more here.