think before you speak as Mercury retrogrades this week

Mercury goes retrograde until November 3

Hello, Mercury retrograde! If you’ve read anything about astrology (or even if you haven’t) you’ll probably have heard about the notorious effects of this astrological event that happens three to four times per year. When planets go retrograde, their themes simultaneously become exaggerated and sometimes, a little confused. With Mercury, this tends to mean things go a little sideways and take more time to get done than usual. Our communication may not be at its clearest, flights + deals may be delayed, and technology may not be cooperating the way we’d like it to.

Take a deep breath – this week is going to be an intense one.

Intense is not always bad. As always, we have the power to choose how we respond to what comes our way, something that is important now more than ever. This year’s final Mercury retrograde begins on Tuesday, October 13. The fast-moving planet that rules our thoughts will be making its way backwards through secretive Scorpio for most of its retrograde, slipping into peacekeeping Libra for the final days, so things may feel a little more extreme than usual. It is 2020, after all. Nothing is ‘normal.’

What has been left unseen?

Scorpio is the detective of the zodiac, ruling the subconscious and all things beneath the surface. You may feel the urge to do some digging in places you think people haven’t been completely honest with you; just be conscious of how far you go to get to the ‘truth.’ Remember that multiple perspectives exist, and there are two sides to every story – this doesn’t mean you should excuse inappropriate or manipulative behaviour, just make an effort to listen before lashing out. Don’t assume you know everything before you ask.

On the flip side, you may also feel the urge to keep secrets of your own, hiding things from yourself and others. It’s okay to keep things to yourself sometimes but be aware why you are doing it. Do you withhold information because it makes you feel more powerful? Are you ashamed of the truth? Choose to bring light to the areas you’d rather shy away from and your future self will thank you. Retrogrades can be frustrating times, unless we approach them proactively. We can utilise this time to go deeper within ourselves and our subconscious to find new levels of acceptance instead of running at the first shadow we see.

The tension and intensity in the skies are creating a purge effect on the planet right now. Just like when you push enough water up against the walls of a container, the liquid will eventually overflow, the pressure is causing all supressed fear + anger to rise to the surface so they may be cleared to make space for a brighter future.

Don’t be surprised if old wounds or memories you thought you’d healed come up in the coming days. Your job is not to continue reliving the pain of the past trauma, but to allow it to move through your body so that it may leave. You are not the things that have happened to you, yet we so often identify with our traumas as a piece of who we are. This is why we’re so afraid to let go and heal. Letting go is a gradual process – the energies right now are supportive of whatever final push you must make to let go, so do so if you are willing.

Take time to sit in meditation, to be still, and journal or voice note your thoughts to get them out of your head. Also make sure you’re drinking lots of water, even leaning into more simple foods if you feel called to do so. This is all preparation, making space for what is to come.

New moon in Libra this Friday

Coming into this weekend, we have the sun and moon standing together in the sign of the scales, of balance and harmony – it’s a dark, quiet sky, a time to go in and reflect on what role we want to play in the coming months as the world continues to change.

Look back so that you may go forward: what have you created in the past six months, since the full moon in Libra in April? What has this time taught you about yourself? What have you learned? We’ve been in the process of clearing out old systems to make way for a new way of doing things, and this breakdown process will reach its peak intensity from the Libra new moon on Friday until the winter solstice, on December 21. Monday, October 19 has the energy of a planet holding its breath for what is to come.

While the external world may seem chaotic, we can take comfort in the light that lays beneath. This new moon brings a light pink energy to the week, but with it comes a bit of a sense of rose-coloured glasses. The energy is hazy, like we can’t quite see things for what they are. The lower road of Libra will do anything to keep the peace, even if this means making up stories and blatantly avoiding the truth of reality. Refrain from making any big decisions or taking action this week if you can, particularly when it comes to things that have far-reaching external consequences. Wait for things to clear up before acting on your ideas.

This is not a time to take action.

Even as the sun and moon standing together in an air sign might invite us to engage in conversation or talk with loved ones, it’s actually a time best suited to simply being with yourself in your own energy. Libra energy can be easily swayed by the opinions of others. Use this time to get clear on how you want to feel and show up in the world moving forwards, on an energetic level. Focus on creating internal intentions rather than setting large external goals for yourself to follow through on. When we expand within, the external world will follow – that is the lesson of this new moon.

Cardinal T-square creates tension

All of this week, we have a strong, active T-square between the cardinal planets: Mars still in retrograde through rebellious Aries, the Sun in Libra, and the three heavy-hitting planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in traditional Capricorn. With all these energies that want to be in charge, power struggles may surface between parts of the self, at work or within the home.

Think before you speak and pay a little extra attention to how you’re communicating in your relationships – tone and body language are just as important as what you say, one could argue even more so. Libra energy can be passive aggressive when provoked. When someone tips you off, take a deep breath before responding; what did this trigger inside you? Simply ask the question without needing an answer – it will emerge when you need to know.

The release of all this tension is in the watery sign of Cancer. How can you bring a strong, nurturing energy to every room you walk into? The Divine Mother calls for peace, stillness, and deep listening amidst the chaos. While she may present as soft, she is indeed a lioness fiercely protecting her tribe. She does not allow for bullshit to exist beneath her discerning gaze, powerful in her own right. This week, I invite you to embody her energy. Tap into your inner wisdom, that quiet knowing that always exists beyond the noise, and lovingly hold your ground.

When in doubt, choose love, simplicity, slowing down, and compassion.
Everything will be revealed in good time.

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