anam cara words & co. – words to nourish and sustain you

anam cara was born of a deep love and reverence for the human experience — the mundane, the extraordinary and everything in between. Our offerings include hand-lettered + typed poetry prints, cards, journals, and shirts crafted to support you in your everyday life. Think of them as anchors, small touchstones or reminders you can return to in the moments when you feel disconnected or overwhelmed.

Each piece has been created as an intentional offering, to be a space where you can breathe and come home to yourself.

anam cara means ‘soul friend’ in the Gaelic language. I’ve always said I write the words I need to hear and I share them, because I believe if I have experienced something, someone else out there has, too. We breathe beneath the same sky and many of us carry the same secret yearnings — to be held, to be honoured and witnessed for who we are. To know that we are enough.

May these words be a reminder that you never walk alone on your journey.

It is an honour to walk beside you xx

an invitation

I’m currently working behind the scenes to build an online space where you can come and hang out, peruse our offerings, and see which pieces speak to you. For the moment, though, I have a few high-quality poetry prints available through my shop on Darkroom. They are the very first seeds of what has grown to become anam cara – words that have held me through the long nights, unexpected joys, and uncertainties of the past few years. Each print is designed to uplift + elevate the spaces you inhabit. I invite you to take a look and see which words might support you in this next season.

You are worthy of living in a space that is filled with beauty, intention, and love.