an exercise to celebrate love this Libra / Aries full moon

This Thursday, October 1, we have a beautiful, vibrant full moon with the sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, and the energies are intense! We can see this reflected in our internal world just as much as in the external one. This October is unique as it begins and ends with a full moon, lighting up our lives with the depth of emotion we have a capacity to feel.

The Divine Feminine is with us in her call to slow down and make sacred the simple things of life once again, to approach our human encounters with compassion and acceptance, and bring harmony to the spaces we disagree by listening deeply. The feminine allows space for the chaos of growth, already understanding unity and peace flow like an undercurrent beneath the waves of separation – we are already one.

Every full moon, our emotions may rise to the surface and become more intense, alongside any themes associated with the dialogue brought to light in opposition. This Libra Aries full moon is a conversation between our hearts and those of the people we love. We may feel called to speak up for the injustices we see in the world, but the lesson lies in how we do it. Will we be the mediator, step back into our observer and see all sides from a non-judgemental space, or will we fixate on our need to be right and do things our way? The choice is in our hands.

An exercise for the love of love

To anchor into the energies this full moon and celebrate all your relationships in all you have learned, here is an exercise for your reflection.

Write two letters, by hand (don’t worry, you don’t have to send them – this is for you and your healing alone)

For the first letter, think of someone who has hurt you or perhaps a relationship that ended in a mutually messy, painful breakup where both sides said things they regret. The goal here is to get out anything you’d like to say to them that has been lingering in your mind, any words that may or may not have been left unsaid.

You may choose to explain your side of the situation, vent your emotions, or apologize for your part in whatever happened, if it feels right. Whatever it is, get it down on paper and let it out. Once you feel you’ve said everything you have to say, it’s time to let that person go. Put it down. You don’t have to carry that pain or story of hurt any longer. Let the past go to the past and make a choice to move forwards – it can be as simple as an intention stated from the heart. That is all you need to do.

You may burn the letter in your bathtub or kitchen sink, shred it, or bury it in your backyard. This is a symbol of the end and beautiful new beginning you are stepping into when you make this choice.

Now, for the second letter, think of someone you deeply appreciate or love. Let them know how grateful you are and get specific. Share a memory you cherish, or comment on a quality of theirs you admire. Allow your love to be known through the energy behind your words, however simple they may be.

You may choose to keep this letter for yourself, silently sending them your gratitude, or you may choose to send it. Everyone appreciates some good old-fashioned snail mail now and again. Either way, know the strength lies in the act of taking the time to write down your thoughts and bring them into reality.

Optional: write a letter of gratitude to yourself. This may be love for the person you are becoming, words of encouragement to your future self, or a note of thanks to the person who got you to where you are today.

A note about writing letters

I find this to be a very effective strategy in general – if I have a frustration with someone, I will often write out everything I am feeling or record a voice note for myself. When I return to the issue a few days later, the issue will have resolved itself a lot of the time on its own, without any visible “external action” on my part. Of course, there are times when we must speak up, but in everyday irritations with loved ones this can be a useful tool.

Those we love often reflect back to us parts of ourselves that require attention or healing. Shift your internal state and watch your world change.

Let me know how this exercise resonates with you!

Sending much love for the full moon, and rest of the week ahead xx