Hi there. How are you feeling today? In case no one has told you yet, I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re pretty awesome, I believe in you and you are so much stronger than you think. Also, it’s okay not to have everything figured out. I’m still figuring things out, too. We’ll figure things out together. It’ll be an adventure.

Inspired by the conversations we have with our friends around the kitchen table late into the night, Kitchen Table Talks is a space for you to come home to yourself and remember that you’re not alone. These pages contain relatable stories, tools you can use on a daily basis to center yourself, and simple reminders that it is okay to be human in a world that sometimes feels like it’s moving too fast.

This book is for you. You can take it with you or keep it on your kitchen table and read it when you need a boost. Think of it like a friend that’s there even when you have no one to talk to. With Maia’s simple words and practical wisdom, Kitchen Table Talks will leave you feeling grounded, supported, and ready to take on whatever challenge life has to offer you next. You’ve got this.

Let yourself be held; you are safe here, you are loved.

Available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook at Amazon, Barnes + Nobel, and other retailers where books are sold.

Hey. I know life is a lot right now. Things might feel a little bit like they’re just falling apart, and we don’t know how to pick up the pieces or make sense of it all anymore. It’s okay. Things aren’t meant to stay the same forever. And as hard as it feels right now, we’ll be stronger for it in the end.

Just Breathe is a short collection of mantras, tools, and stories to help you feel less alone in the messiness of life. The thoughts shared in these pages will help you begin to build a toolbox of practices to return to when life feels overwhelming or out of your control.

The simplest practices can have the most profound effect on our everyday life. It’s not about being perfect or getting it right all the time – it’s just about showing up. This is a space for you to reconnect to your heart and begin releasing the things that weigh you down. With Maia’s simple exercises and practical wisdom, Just Breathe will inspire you to take a breath and approach life with a newfound sense of strength and calm.

The deep exhale is coming, the brilliant calm after the storm. When things feel like they’re falling apart, remember you’re being reborn.

Available as an ebook, for e-reader or app, for 2.99.